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I survived Pitch Wars!

Today, November 3, my Pitch Wars manuscript was posted to the Agent Showcase! It’s been a wild two-month ride, but I have emerged with a much better manuscript, thanks to my mentor Rhiannon Hart. Even though the Agent Showcase is the big set piece at the end of Pitch Wars, the skills I’ve gained and the camaraderie between the PW17 mentees feel even more valuable, in the long run. I’d love to get representation for this book, and have had requests from some fantastic agents, but even if I don’t, I will be embarking on my next novel project as a better writer than I have ever been before.

But it’s not all writing. Pitch Wars has given me the chance to really sharpen my Twitter collage game. Just look at this novel aesthetic!

I mean, just look at it!

Here, dear readers, is THE MAGICAL CONSTANT OF RICE: Stana, Madame, Tarik, storms, lamps, and yurts. I hope to bring it to you in print one day, and if I ever do, it will be Pitch Wars that got me there.

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